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Jackson Pollock

There is a Jackson Pollock exhibition at the The National Museum of Modern Art (the first Pollock exhibition in Japan) which is near Takebashi station on the Tozai line. You can catch it until early May 2012 and costs 1500 yen (free if it is your birthday and you can prove it) Here is the official word from the website
About the Exhibition The first Pollock exhibition ever held in Japan Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) altered the concept of painting significantly by means of an original style and technique in which he sprinkled paint all over a canvas spread on the floor. The art he produced during his brief 44-yearlong lifetime enabled him to become the first American artist to win truly international fame and today he is recognized all over the world as a cultural hero of the United States. Number 11,1949 1949 Indiana University Art Museum © 2011, Indiana University Art Museum Number 11,1949 1949 Indiana University Art Museum © 2011, Indiana University Art Museum Although Pollock has also been highly acclaimed in Japan, exhibitions fully covering his work have not yet been held here. This exhibition is held in commemoration of the centennial of Pollock’s birth. Comprised of works dating from his art student years, the acme during which he established his fame, and the later years when he was tormented by the decline in his creative ability, it is the first major exhibition tracing the great marks he left on the art world to be held in Japan. There are works from foreign collections including major works belonging to the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran and The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Together with all the works by Pollock that are currently known to be housed in Japan, approximately seventy works will be gathered under one roof. We hope you will take this rare opportunity to enjoy Pollock’s art to your heart’s content.
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