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Best Hotel in Tokyo

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Comments (3)
3 Saturday, 01 December 2012 17:02
Best hotel in Tokyo:
Where: Nihombashi
What: the Mandarin Oriental
Why: central
Excellent interior
Modern- built in 2005
Big bedroom- 50m2
Soundproofing in all rooms
Large bathtub
Fantastic views of the city and beyond.
Call: 03 3270-8800
Price: ¥45000

Best hotel in Tokyo
Where: Marunouchi
What: Shangri-La Hotel
Why: Great views of the city from 28th+ floor
Sofa in front of windows- sit and watch the world go by.
Big rooms- 50m2+
Deep bath tubs
Award-winning Italian restaurant and Japanese restaurant
Spa treatments
Call: 03 6739-7888
Price: ¥42000

Best hotel in Marunouchi
Where: Marunouchi
What: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo
Family-friendly- kids are given cookies. Train- sets and Nintendos are provided free of charge
Small- has just 57 rooms
Young staff
Thai restaurant
Central close to attractions
Call: 03 5222-7222
Price: ¥45000

Best hotel in Roppongi
Where: Roppongi Hills
What: Grand Hyatt Tokyo
Why: close to all Roppongi hills
Edo- style Sushi restaurant
Close to bars, boutiques
Has 8 restaurants
Call: 03 4333-1234
Price: ¥40000

Best hotel in
2 Friday, 05 June 2009 17:41
capsule hotel are great If you need a cheap option. Other places can cost 100-200 dollars a night easily.
U can stay for around $30 a night. It's like sleeping in coffin though
1 Sunday, 22 February 2009 12:16
We stayed at the Mitsui Garden in Ginza.
Great room with a bath next to a windpo overlooking the city and tokyo bay. So you can relax in the bath with drinking the free minibar which is included oin the price. It cost only 18000 yen

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