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Best Events in Tokyo: Winter


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3 Wednesday, 27 January 2010 18:19

Would you like to meet some of your favourite Sumo Wrestlers and TV stars?
Then head down to a temple near you for the annual Setsubun Bean Throwing Festivals on Wednesday February 3rd.
Here are a few details and a few bean-throwing stars:

Hasedera Temple Kamakura, Kanagawa (from 10:45am)
Hasedara Temple Kamakura
Sumo Wrestlers:
Takasago Oyakata (stable master)
TV Celebrity
Osawa Akane

Narita-san Temple, Narita Chiba (from 11am)

Narita Temple

Sumo Wrestler:Yokozuna: Asashoryu
Sekiwake: Baruto

NHK Tai ga Drama
Hiroyuki Miyasako
Masaomi Kondo
Mitsuko Baisho

Check for the temples in your area at the Let's Japan Setsubun homepage (in Japanese)

2 Monday, 02 March 2009 21:30
Hatsumode is the traditional visit to a Temple or Shrine at New Year.
here's a good video about Hatsumode. The title of which translates as something like "Middle-aged lady in a mini-skirt goes to Hatsumode"
The best time to go is 12 midnight on New Year's eve. Take a warm coat and a flask of hot tea (or something stronger) with you. Best shrine (which usual means most crowded) to go to is probably Meiji Jingu near Harajuku.
1 Monday, 02 March 2009 21:11
Japan Mud Festival:
Held in Yotsukaido in Chiba Prefecture on 25th February 2009 - Local men take part with their children to give thanks to land and wish for a good harvest. Maybe the local ladies can get involved next year...

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