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With the increase in tourism in recent year, demand for tours in the Tokyo area has skyroclketed. This and the increasing fascination with the geek side of japanese culture has lead to hoardes of tourists heading to Akihabara to sample such delights as pop idol bands, electronics and maid cafe culture. As such, a number of tours have also been set up around the otoku culture captial Akihabara for tourists to experience. Here are a selection of tours to choose from: 1) TOUR PRICE: (duration 4 hours) 120 USD (for up to 4 people)
Akihabara has long been known as an "Electric Town ", however, it is recently much better known as a "Pop Culture Town. " This tour will show you how Akihabara developed as an electric town since post wartime, and how it has been changing into a pop culture town. If you are interested in Anime, Manga, Dojin-shi, games, robots, Cosplay, Maid cafe, and anime character products, join this tour!
2) Price: Free Duration: approximately 1.5-2 hours
Electric Town, Mecca of Otaku, Center of pop culture, “Akiba” is well known for its brilliant images. However, it is just one side of the town. When you look closer and take one step further, you will see the spirit of Japanese monozukuri (craftsmanship or manufacturing) and history of Tokyo. Why don’t you join us with the special tour? Government certified tour guides will give you a tour to discover the attraction of Akihabara, the town of wonder.
3) Price: around USD100
In Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town, you can dress up in fun, comic book–inspired costumes, no matter what age you are. This private, family-friendly tour immerses you in the world of ‘otaku,’ a Japanese subculture that celebrates anime and manga (comics). Get outfitted for cosplay (costume play), pose for a shoot in a ‘purikura’ photo booth, stop at shops hawking video games, and enjoy a drink with karaoke. You'll also get to order you choice of tea or coffee in one of the many playful maid cafés that line the busy streets. Highlights 3.5-hour private tour of Akihabara Electric Town in Tokyo Order a complimentary drink and sing popular tunes in a private karaoke booth Dress up as your favorite comic book character and pose in a purikura for personalized digital photos Order tea or coffee and be welcomed 'home' at a maid cafe Visit Don Quijote and search the vast complex for your own personal treasures Learn about otaku culture from a private guide in this popular shopping district Round-trip public transport included
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