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Jpop Culture Documentary

(23 votes, average: 4.87 out of 5)

Here's a Japanese youth culture video I saw on TV recently. There are 5 parts.

J-pop Culture 1: Harajuku Fashion



J-pop Culture 2: Shibuya Boy Girls, Music


J-Pop Culture 3: Parent's view of Kids, Office Ladies


J-Pop Culture 4: Manga Artists & Akihabara Otaku



Comments (6)
6 Sunday, 24 May 2009 18:38
Good vid
5 Wednesday, 22 April 2009 00:06
Thanks SMokyo
4 Friday, 17 April 2009 21:47
3 Monday, 23 March 2009 08:11
Thanks 4 sharing a balanced account of Japanese cultures.
2 Thursday, 05 March 2009 12:58
DOing a paper on Japanese culture so this just did the job. Thanks
1 Saturday, 28 February 2009 21:47
A Great J-culture vid.Thanks for Sharing. It gives a good insight into the culture.

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