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Did You Know: Smoking

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DID YOU KNOW that in many big cities in Japan, there is a complete ban on smoking not in indoor public places which is common in many western cultures but outside, on the street. Smoking on the street can incur a fine of up to 3000 yen ($30) if you are caught smoking in a no-smoking area.


No Smoking ion Street

Many cities have this ban on smoking but there are areas where people can smoke outside and there are smoking rooms where people may go to smoke and buy drinks and cigarettes.

Smokin corner

 To enforce these rules, teams of volunteers patrol the streets on bicycles armed with portable ashtrays who will kindly ask you to put out the cigarette in their ashtray before letting you go on your way.

Why have such a law/ rule?

Well, there have been instances of children accidentally walking in a lit cigarette while passing a smoker. Also, walking and smoking features highly on a Japanese list of annoyances about smokers. In fact walking while eating, drinking or smoking is considered bad manners. Using cellphones is, of course, OK. Conversely, it is ok to smoke indoors in restaurants and bars.

Another reason is the fact that if you look at it from the view of a free citizen, they have no choice whether to use the streets or not. They do, however, have a choice whether or not to frequent a bar or a restaurant. It is a basic human right that one should be allowed to walk down the street without having to inhale others smoke. Car exhaust gases are, on the other hand, fine. Sit in a car full of smokers and you may feel il or even throw up. Sit in a car with a hose from the tail pipe feeding fumes into it and you would last 5 minutes at most.



Smoking Manners

Here are some other posters used to peruade smokers to stop smoking on the street.
Smoking MannersSmoking Manners

Smoking Manners

Smoking Manners

Smoking Manners

Are you allowed to smoke indoors or on the street in your country?

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