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Restaurants in Shibuya

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Delightful Dining Choices Around Shibuya Station

Discover Delicious Eateries near Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station isn't just a transportation hub; it's also a food lover's paradise! Explore these fantastic dining spots offering delectable menus at various price points:

Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi presents an array of sushi delights. From classics like Salmon Nigiri to inventive rolls like the California Roll, this conveyor belt sushi spot offers a playful dining experience where you can pick your favorites from the rotating belt or order directly from the tablet menu. With its affordable prices and fresh offerings, it's a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen offers an authentic ramen experience. Known for its rich Tonkotsu broth and customizable options, you get to personalize everything, from noodle firmness to the intensity of flavors. Don't miss their signature pork Chashu, a delightful addition to any ramen bowl. The intimate solo dining booths provide a unique setting for enjoying your meal without distractions.

Shibuya Stream Dining

Shibuya Stream houses a diverse range of restaurants catering to various tastes. From the sizzling Korean BBQ sets perfect for sharing to the authentic taste of freshly prepared Sashimi Platters, this complex offers something for everyone. With its modern ambiance and stunning views, it's a popular spot for dining while enjoying the cityscape.

Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka

Uobei offers a tech-savvy sushi experience with its automated ordering system. The conveyor belt delivers fresh and delicious sushi directly to your table. Enjoy the simplicity of ordering through the tablet menu and savor their delectable Tuna Tataki or satisfy your sweet tooth with Green Tea Ice Cream.

Standing Sushi Bar Uogashi Nihon-Ichi

Uogashi Nihon-Ichi stands out for its quality sushi served at the counter. Indulge in an array of Assorted Nigiri or warm up with a comforting bowl of Tempura Udon. Their Miso Soup complements the sushi perfectly, creating a memorable dining experience with a traditional touch.

With these enticing menus at various price ranges, Shibuya Station and its vicinity offer a delightful gastronomic experience for locals and tourists alike!

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