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Another American ripoff of a Japa

Another American ripoff of a Japanese film...
TokyoJoe, you are quite wrong about "Tampopo" and "the Ramen Girl"... This is actually totally different from the original which has a Japanese women in the lead role, not an American. Also the japanese women actually owns the restaurant as opposed to just working there. Another difference is that in the Japanese version, 2 truck drivers show the lady how to make good ramen rather than a ramen chef. Also the Japanese women in Tampopo has not just split up with a boyfriend. She is just very bad at making ramen. The only similar thing about "tampopo" and "the ramen girl" is that they both have female stars and have noodles-making as the subject matter.
This is a comment on "What's the Best Japanese Movie?"

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Sunday, 25 October 2020