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  • AkihabaraNews has a NEW site!
    New site: Please visit the NEW AkihabaraNews site on to read new articles about new products, new technology and cool and interesting stuff. All old articles will still be viewable through the “SEARCH NEWS” bar on the new site. ***** We look forward to your feedback. Please let us know what you think […]

  • Honda UK’s 1000cc Lawnmower is Way Faster than Your Car
    What can you do with a small yet really powerful engine, a new riding lawnmower, a healthy marketing budget, and a professional race driver with some free time? You can cut the grass really, really quickly. Oh, and severely injure or kill yourself if you’re not careful. • • • For much of the world, […]

  • Panasonic – Massager that relaxes your muscles and warms them gently
    Panasonic is going to release a new massager “Ouchi Refre” (EW-NA63) on September 1. “Refre” is a shortened version of “Refresh” and “Ouchi” means “At home” in Japanese, not “Ouch!” 😉 It’s low frequency electrotherapy equipment that relaxes your muscles by warming them gently with the special pads. The pads can be warmed up to […]

  • World’s lightest and thinnest circuits pave the way for ‘imperceptible electronics’
    Researchers from Asia and Europe have developed the world’s lightest and thinnest organic circuits, which in the future could be used in a range of healthcare applications. Lighter than a feather, these ultrathin film-like organic transistor integrated circuits are being developed by a research group led by Professor Takao Someya and Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Sekitani […]

  • Panasonic – Smartphone-sized portable full body massager
    Panasonic is releasing the smartphone-sized portable full body massager (low frequency electric therapy equipment) called “Pocket Refre (EW-NA23)” on September 1. Because it’s an only 12cm long compact device and also you can put the code and pads in the main body, it’s very easy to carry around. It’s definitely something you want to keep […]

  • Nestlé – KitKat – 2013 summer seasonal special flavors
    Nestlé in Japan releases unique flavored KitKats seasonally, a tradition that they have been doing for a long time. You can probably find Maccha Kitkat (green tea flavor) outside of Japan. But the variety of the flavors you see here in Japan is a whole different world. A few months ago, we talked about the […]

  • Turn your iPhone 4/4s or 5 into a real pocket camcorder thanks to Donya
    Ever wanted to turn your iPhone into a Camcorder look-alike? Well guess what! Shanghai Donya has just what you need with their latest product the DN-84841. Slide your iPhone into Donya’s latest “Grip” and you will have a rather nice little grip that will turn your iPhone into a Camcorder with direct access to your […]

  • Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!
    This week it’s electronic beacon trouble for the 787 Dreamliner (Boeing’s gotta be so tired of such headlines), a Japanese & American team at MIT have found a way to make brains remember stuff that didn’t happen, and Toyota’s leading global auto sales. • • • Welcome to Japanese Technology from the Future Friday: It’s […]

  • LG – Pink-colored model will be added to Pocket photo
    Pocket photo, that was released last month by LG Electronics Japan, is a mobile photo printer. You can take a photo with your smartphone and print it out with Pocket photo right away, anytime, anywhere. In early August, they will release the pink colored model in response to many requests. Please read the details about […]

  • Sharp – Electronic handwriting notebook that can save 2000 pages data
    Sharp is going to release new electronic handwriting notebook “WG-N20” on August 8. You can write smoothly in the electronic notebook as if you were writing in a regular paper notebook with a pencil. It is capable of saving maximum 2000 pages/ 100 notebooks so that you can create many notebooks for both personal and […]

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