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Gon Pachi Nishi Azabu

Gonpachi in Nishi-Azabu.
It is the inspiration for the restaurant scene in Kill Bill.
Here's a Review of Gonpachi from

Gonpachi Cuisine Varied Japanese
Hours Daily 11:30am-5am
Address 1-13-11 Nishi Azabu Location Ginza & Hibiya
Transportation Station: Roppongi (10 min.).
From Roppongi Crossing, walk toward Shibuya on Roppongi Dori. It will be on your right, at Gaien-Nishi Dori
Reservations recommended for dinner Phone 03/5771-0170
Web site
Prices Yakitori ¥250-¥580 ($2.40-$5.50);
main dishes ¥980-¥2,300 ($9.30-$22);
set lunches ¥650-¥1,200 ($6.20-$11);
sushi ¥320-¥630 ($3.05-$6) per piece for most types of sushi
Credit Cards AE, DC, MC, V
Frommer's Review Housed in a re-created kura (traditional Japanese warehouse) with a high ceiling and a central, open kitchen, this is one of Tokyo's most imaginative inexpensive Japanese restaurants.
It offers a wide variety of dishes, including yakitori (like skewered albacore with Gorgonzola tartar sauce), fish (like miso-glazed black cod), sushi (on the third floor), noodles, and more.
From the outside, you'd expect this place to be much more exclusive than it is -- and you probably will be excluded if you fail to make reservations for dinner.
There are branches of Gonpachi at the G-Zone, 1-2-3 Ginza (tel. 03/5524-3641), and at Mediage on Odaiba (tel. 03/3599-4807), all open from 11:30am to 5am. However, they don't match the Nishi Azabu location's atmosphere.

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