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Home Ramen Girl has been compared to Lost in

Ramen Girl has been compared to Lost in

Ramen Girl has been compared to Lost in Translation. It's funny actually as In Japan Times, They had an interview with Brittany Murphy (the ramen Girl) and she denied there was any similarity by saying
""Not all that much," she says. "It's made in Japan. So that's a big similarity for a basically American movie. But it's a different set of circumstances, and the main character is me, not an American man. And in that movie (Bill Murray's character is) a star, and in our movie I'm not, so it's different in terms of the plot, plus — and I really like this — it has more local actors in it. If you think about it, 'Lost in Translation' didn't have very many Japanese in roles that were very significant. It's like Tokyo was more of just a background to that movie. "In 'The Ramen Girl,' Japan is more than a background, it's . . . well, it's part of everything in the movie, and I'm in the middle of it! It's great!"
Read the full story here Ok Brittany so, one films got a famous male lead and the other's got a female lead. That has cleared up all suspicions that one may have had that the movies are similar... Have you seen it? What did you think? Is it similar to Tampopo? or Lost in Translation?
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