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sabakunosk8 -16 1st ma

sabakunosk8 -16 1st masterofchocobo +4 That show is hilarious ^^ darsdm 0 Pls do u have WALL BREAKING MOMENTS??? ДА В РОССИИ, КУПИВШЕЙ ЭТО ШОУ СТЕНА ВСЕГДА ЛОМАЕТСЯ! TheDoodlibop +4 3:06!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! LAWL!!!! BUNBUNftw 0 i agree. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!! it hurts to laugh.. SaiThePainter +4 LOL getintheremike +3 wow these are so cool !x! Smile xx bassist9994 0 this is such a cool show, i would love to do this but there is no way i'd fir thru one of those! crzyazntennislvr -1 HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8th Comment milkymackwap 0 wow catepillar666 0 lmao! asheirei 0 hhhhhhhhhhaaaaahahaha so funny , love it ! thx ^^ Roveyolii 0 that's funny and it's so cool lovebird2 0 lol thanks comtraya101 0 the way to win is always doing it in a way not expected. it really is asmadeous +4 I think you get a better score if you do it the way it seems. austinnac291 0 yeah me too fetiz2323 0 02:27 I LAUGHED UNTILL I ACTUALLY CHOCKED! :p freddyenriquez 0 omg 3:15 is fucken funny they broke that shit KyogreNinja +7 we noticed VoiletCloud +1 I think i wet myself. mikkelvik 0 hahaha haha ha fullatv -6 POR EL AMOR DE dIOS QUE NO LO VEA TINELLI PORQUE CAGAMOS... tommyguns76 0 is this the super terrific happy hour???? lol BuschDrinker1 0 nice seinfeld reference AndyBarclay -2 Hing Jung Kung Ye Oh Sho mia tiagomca -6 Que coisa mais babaca! Isso era pra ser divertido?! natsuki55 -3 en mi vida habia visto algo asi o_o ... WBtheclaymaker 0 3:15 is the funiest CnJiTa -4 aay como rei jajajaj xD xD los japoneses son lo mejor para estos juegos xD HAHAHA ReginaPhlange 0 So funny! xcutebunnyxx 0 last one is funny kurtmark +2 I love the ones with 2 or more trying to succeed. hiey7 +14 y dont we have this in USA kanykoo +1 cuz its japanese AniMooTion 0 lol ArchXDemon +2 We still need this. callofduty4colonel +8 we should have this in America j2xl +5 Fox just picked it up! It should start airing next season. 619fgibbon619 -7 some of them r so stupied when the actaull try and fit the shape when they can just stand sideways and get trow kanykoo +15 yeah but its just funny and fun 4 the people squiggly9 +9 thats the fun of the show. its a game show; you should be having fun =) Heavenlaitec +3 hahhah This Shit is sooo freaking fn! =D zanal92 -7 the chinese make me feel smart.. the game looks eazy and fun llorulez -6 them are not chinese are japanese guys and yes they are are stupid wenenen +9 like hell they're stupid!!!! they're one of the smartest countries on earth... scratch that they ARE the smartest country... unlike some people they just know how to have fun. CocoJelly92 0 now that's arguable don't you agree :D 'cause i think China's pretty smart too but then again I'm Chinese XD Ormatinick +13 you can't measure intelligence with race...And for what you say easy, you sound rather dumb... wenenen 0 im not measuring, i know that can't be said for every person, i'm just saying that their culture, advancements, and overall choices as a country are far better than most. i apoligize if i offended anyone but wenenen +5 that comment about japs being stupid got on my nerves. deadman161 -1 well now.. they make u feel smart? well for 1 thing ur dumb cos they're japanese u dumb fuck and at least they know how to have fun while ur just sitting back and watching them and calling them stupid. and if the japanese were so dumb then how come the americans HAD TO use ATOMIC BOMBS (cheaters) to win WW2? and even if u arent american, jus stfu cos if ur in a fistfight with a japanese ull prolly lose since they know all taekwandoe and stuuf(lol) CocoJelly92 +1 taekwando is Korean :] I think you mean Ninjustu, Aikido, Kenpo, etc. :D deadman161 +1 well yeah you get the point ^^ Neseman +11 theyre not stupid. it would be boring if they just go in tha hole sillyvillan +8 whoever says they r stupid because they r chinese or japanese racists and also they are having fun so it doesnt matter it makes ppl luagh!!! koolskater5 +1 dude idc what language or country its from its funny as hell and i seriusly want to try it XD CocoJelly92 +1's Japanese :] packiesla +5 so much fun Sharingan266 +2 LMFAO!!! that last one that started around 3:00 was hilarious!!!! VkyleV +6 those japanese people are really flexible and atheletic to do this so give em some respect bestrenda +4 super funny perfeguay +1 2:08 XDDDDDDDD!!!! dimerazorback93 0 this is effed hahah laughed my ass off Majadi7 0 hahahaahhah rolf - raul110790 0 halls de limão com pedaços de cereja!! hahahahaha Junkeyz +12 Japanese gameshows are freakin awesome! Now thats fun =B yourmamaluigi -6 the most retarded show. but really funny to watch people fall. some of them look impossible! Mintish +33 No, most retarded show would have to be awarded to any one of America's reality TV shows. 0TheCaveRat0 0 Lol, yeah we have some retarded. pointless shows. Meh, more than some. sharinganswordsman4 0 okay, i guess. RowanAthikson 0 In Indonesia there's a same show called'Hole in the wall' and it's same like this show. bryanbhu 0 Yeah, it propagated outward to korea, indonesia and number of other countries. i believe there is a version of it now in east europe. tigergrr33 0 so lame yet so funny kakashi12341234 0 SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! haha lol lilunon 0 dat was jokes 0ACTproductions0 -7 stupid asians... Comment(s) Show Comment(s) Hide FrozenTennis -6 Reply racist!! xlganondorf +4 its not stupid its entertainment lol painful entertainment mezcalineboy 0 haha pink floyd XD... lilseena +1 2:08 that was just hilarious! XD 124578892356 0 those things are made out foome i think driv4r 0 That's funny! Keep on doing Human Tetris!!! :D adriafung 0 ROFL 3:12 XD LASsTuNnA +2 lol, japanese know how to do anythin drivingyoucrazy 0 210 lol SanTYPazos 0 jajajajja RayAlba 0 hahahahha on 3:00 238238238238 -6 do they go in pee 4game4fun 0 It´s water. LordxofxthexMarios 0 It's just yellow water. Not urine by any circumstance, but it would be funny if it was. davBIGHOUSE +1 its not water its because the hole is painted yellow so it looks yellow its just water reika43 -3 no its not overagain456 0 uh yah it is look closer stargateheaven23 0 its just water.. the container its in is yellow so it looks yellow. ihatemysister32 +4 this is so freaking funny ^^ lol! talatsmum +2 i wish these had subtitles.. or i could speak japanese... VKidiot +2 blue always gets the hardest Sad TwinDragons310 0 Yeah they do. Sad VBH8888 +1 i know how to do the last one diffrently, the first 2 forms on the left u let 2 of ur people do and the rest 3 focus on the one all the way to the right with the wide legs, 2 people make themselfs small and u go on top of the also making urself small , kinda like a pyramid.only proplem would be getting ur group to understand what u mean m4st4k31 +2 lol @ 2:26 ieatsushieveryday +4 whenever you feel depressed just watch from 3:05...instant amusement! ahhahahaha urkadurka565656 +1 hiyomuki takei tsuragi momo-usagi-taro!!!! Heratic88 +4 hehe my english teacher shows us these all the time XD Smackgamer +1 ahahahah ^^ 3:14 LMAO haha leverymerica +18 japanese entertainment freakin' kicks ass compared to all those mtv reality shows! Imo8314 0 2:22 jordan raftercito 0 thats cool raftercito 0 thats cool fabzt10 0 jajajajajajajajjajaaj =D momomento 0 i love this Cbzen +1 awesome Name13013 -1 Where can i download all the episodes full and subbed CosteTR +2 use "vdownloader" metsutai +1 lol!!! the guy in black is always the one that crashes first!! savannah987 +1 whats the yellow stuff that they fall into??? FroggyQC23 +7 it's just water, the pool is yellow ^^ cool00789 -1 are you shure it's not well... you know....pee? Shintaka9009 0 Grow up. montej1 +4 JAPINESE IS TIGHT anthonym2121 +2 only in Japan!! kdjrockz 0 lol Lerk4 +1 OMG these gyus never EVER realize the easy part fashnek +2 Keep in mind that the show is made for entertainment. They get better ratings (and get paid more) if they screw it up and act goofy. Smile atay355 0 hahahaha the jacket guy soo funny MonkTimo 0 so damn funny :P laughed my ass off iCheckVtec 0 lol they mess up on all easy ones..i hope thats water. hexpinteas +2 I LOVED THE ENDING!!!! peter894pm +3 Is that pee or colored water? hugerooster 0 the bottom of the pool is yellow, so the water just looks yellow Cloud10v35Aerith +2 it would disgusting if it was pee! bleachman77 0 the bottom is yellow of the platform is yellow so it looks like its yellow Tresha7 0 The is warm water, add some hot spring power into it. So the color looks yellow color. zzhemo 0 wueones tontos Matthew18Canham 0 this is soo unrealistic! Half them arent humanly possible! How are people meant to fit through a hole made for a smaller human being? but really funny anyhow! MT12XD 0 the point of the game is that you have to find out how to do that, doesnt matter if the hole is small or not Hoddersrevenge 0 And some of them are deceptively easy and they make an arse out of it by missing the obvious. thecommentnator 0 they are all possible. Just hard Andrejborg 0 2:27 GREAT LOOK LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL sango0miroku 0 lol 3:14 MapleDude23456LOL 0 3:06 LOL! sbskk9 0 i cant stop laughing LLMFAO!!!! mrmrmax 0 so funny !!!! juhzero -1 hduisahdusahdsahdusaduadsadhus ahdusahda ! Muito bom ! [ Y ] cheesedude97 -1 the guy who put this video on is wierd. on his description of the video on the top, he spelled "japanese" wrong he did "japeniese"!!! lookerup +1 i can never get tired of this..funny ass hell! mouselover08 +2 lol arianne117 +2 funny. japanese shows are so awesome. =) simicska +3 why japanes all good show?--- albertc79 +2 These Japanese shows really crack me up! SleepyClassof08 +3 Is it just me or is that Pink Floyd's "Brick in the Wall" while they were showing the animation intro thing evalti 0 I hear Pink Floyd too lrsmitty +1 lmfao the last one made me LAUGH the way they tried to throw him up :D lmfao GW728917 +4 imagine if they got him through the hole. Coming back to earth would have SUCKED for him EvilBeaver789 +1 0:05-0:18 wtf?!?! is that pink floyd in the background? detonatorpl +1 3:12 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk imposible JehKb12 +1 yeah impossible KageReimei +2 Possible. Just because there are five openings in the wall, doesn't mean you have to have one person per opening. detonatorpl +2 3:14 kkkkkkkkkkk was the best ! MoshiMaRoGirL +3 hahahahahahahhahah! japanese tetris is so funny xD i love this japanese show, i could watch tetris all day and die laughing xDDDD fattoldpig +3 lmaoooo omg i love this one BowlingFreak218 +5 lmao 3:08 Nowacking +5 2:07 is the best Ive seen so far! HAHAHA It was so carefully thought out and then it just sweeps them off like they're nothing! lolz ^_^ Nice try, guys advancer908 +3 hahaha i literally pissed my pants watching this shit man saw this in skool and made myself pee again lol afr0dude08 +3 3:04 - 3:15 defo the best!! hahah love it AllRequired +3 3:21: was there any way on earth to clear that damn thing? E2O10 +3 yes there is :D.. they all just lay down or something infantiablue +3 IS there any body which channel is broadcasting this outstanding program in Japan ? wendypastasready +3 this is funny! i love it where are the girls eh? hahahaha thanks for postin' ***wenderr**** maryxmistaken 0 There is an episode with a female, but there was an incident in the water where her nipples had supposedly become hard, after she had fallen in the water. thatrandombloak +4 man, this kicks the puss out of American television, where are our real life interpretations of famous video games hm? we had nick arcade that was kinda cool but that was canceled, and this looks hillarious and awesome! thanks Japan. Tassieshannon +3 This is awsome that looks like a lot of fun nykoalonso +1 this is so god and so funny 5 stars Seidreken 0 when did it leave? marikraaka 0 This show is coming to norway now. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm Wingie050 +12 Why doesn't Western TV have this stuff? Beats shit Big Brother reality any day. AllRequired +8 Because (North) American television is prudish and hypersensitive. They love to play it safe; they'd never go for stuff like this. agonise +1 So true man, so true.. giloi2007 0 Its comming to the UK some time around september. I watched it being recorded today and it was great, will defo be going back for more AvatarXobsession +7 This def beat american television! BadasSTeven +3 OMG this stuff is sooo damn funny! souljagirl0223 +2 this iz mi new fav gameshow killerboypoor +2 i wish i had one of those IWillNotConceide18 +10 wow 3:08 is so fucked up! only 4 cutouts and there's FIVE people! cheating lmao. carlandkyle +1 isnt is crazy??? richj005 0 I think they can line up behind each other though. maryam2009 0 I don't that's allowed. Prongsbaby 0 it is allowed maryam2009 0 not always, they tell them when it's allowed Hoppy1983 0 You've got to admire their efforts of trying. godseeri -6 why is this so hilarious? lol misteryworldnature -1 is this a new video? i think that isnt. LusciousLozz 0 2:10 and 3:14 lmao... TASTYKAKEZ +1 just look at that guys face at 2:27 Arkanist69 0 yeah hahahaha NigelvanS 0 haha lol! xD like: OMG! 0_0 0Mista0Willz0 0 OUCH! haha JulzOx 0 well goood:L keffi1111 0 hef*&^inglarios rkborn2rock4723 0 wtf??!! xthetempestx +2 this is the funniest shit ive seen in a while 4znPpl 0 lol these guys are idiots but really good entertainment Mozillarama 0 i wish that some of them were actually really good at it... lol HybridRxn 0 lmao at 3:16 hawaiigrl726 +4 most of these u can just lay y dont they think of that?? CtlunatC +1 because then it wouldnt be funny hawaiigrl726 0 true it wouldnt but still they could lol DxPhantomxD 0 true but it wouldn't be as funny XD popcorn871527 -6 Because that's not fun...stupid. kennethp98 0 there should be back up noise dan dun dan dun dan dun dan dun dan dun dan dun dan dun beep boopbop LiveLaughLoveShop5 +1 there hips always gey stuck its so random! lilbitt789 +1 they throw the guy that wasnt wearing a helmet PesiCool 0 rofl @ first one AfricanH3ro 0 Woo, can't wait. This is coming to America. matchboxdick 0 This already came to Aus.Its called hole in the wall. Mythroyal -2 que japoneses mas hijos de su madre jaja imposible!!!! jajajaja bartsimpson0123 0 come on bring this to uk. we show ninja warrior and takeshis castle Damag3R3port 0 Omfg! I can't stop laughing! I just love this show! Best parts are 2:07 and 3:15. Seriously though, this is a well made show. If you're a contestant, once that wall shows, your brain will automatically make you react and bend your body to fit the figure. But, once you break that thinking, you'll figure out that there are easier ways to fit thru. XD4133 +2 dam i wanan do this XD! TrifanfoolOkay 0 2:45 was pretty impressive :P TheKenshi 0 LOL Great! The last one was godlike! Vercintrix +4 Its crap how fox and everyone is copying this and renaming it as their own "Hole in the wall" Sad... weihoozie +1 its not like theyre the first ones to copy. hjuhxcude +1 lol i love how some are just imposible but they still try em leagalizeit69 0 hahahaha 1 :56 haha. so funny hernanmatt01 0 lol 1:25 its a baby XD unit3727 +2 i lvoe how some are just impossible 350drifting 0 haha Sliverbane 0 The pool bottom is painted yellow...but it sure does look gross. Adds to the drama, I think ^_^ gaara447 0 is that pee or water bcz there wearing suits so i think its pee or it mabey water reflecting the roof idk kidcouger Reply its water or some kind of slime KeeYoMaG -1 its just warm water. XKJABX -1 Piranas or sharks...then they'd clear all of them!! mrx10393 0 |_ ( ) |_ formgren 0 wtf 3:15 when thay trying to throw the guy in black Smile gigidetrini +1 float in the air while the wall passes wont chewie804 0 awesome SilverBrian14 0 Someone doesn't know how to spell "Japanese". -_- whateverim2cute4u 0 Funny. I love these things. PS, Spelled Japanese wrong. OMGitsFMA6666 0 3:15 LOL.... themexicanguy08 -6 oh god its every where konw it on fox now..nnnooooo the japaniese are taking over. Ayrlie +6 the Japanese version is much funnier than the American version alienkaninchein 0 and dont forget the swedish version too IHATEPLAID +3 i love this Xmaggot93X 0 This and MXC are the best two shows ever. possums3 0 2:05 FTW puppyprincess505 0 lololol 2:27 the dudes face iz soooo funny! PipoMadness1992 0 LMAO! They tried to throw the guy up at 3:15! xD metalcom51 0 Has anyone noticed that the blue guys always get the hardest? Especially that last one where they had to throw a dude. andydreugen 0 blue does get the harder ones but if you think fast enough you can get trough them aternut +5 i wish we had this here in the USA nightswondergirl +6 we do its called hole in the wall but the americans are bigger so they never win punkfev +4 lol BlueSapphireRanger 0 The Hole in the Wall game show should give a message at the beginning: "Watch 'The Biggest Loser' and follow the shows diet before you play 'Hole in the Wall'." nightswondergirl 0 lol ur totally right!! R3ND3ZVOU5 -1 it came to australia this year so it will probably come to usa soon... BlueSapphireRanger +1 I hope they don't ruin it like they did on the Fox channel. The US version sucked. Rosy2468 +1 we did something like this in camp, we made our own version, its so hard!!!! but its SO FUN peachesncream101 0 we do its called hole in the wallit on fox thursdays 8 7 central LordFunkyFist +4 Goddamn, some of those holes are just insane! xOrangeGluex +2 this is the funniest thing i have ever seen. :P lil0egy0kid 0 hax jewelz17 +1 some of those are so impossible! lol.. but it makes me want to play...crazy asian games!
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