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  • Five Line sticker creators who deserve more attention
    One of the greatest things about the Line instant messaging application is its ever-growing library of stickers (or “stamps” in Japanese). Line allows users to create and sell their own sticker sets through its Creator’s Market. There are thousands upon thousands of stickers available, with new sticker sets added every week. Unfortunately, Line’s sticker market […]

  • Turkish “refugees” arrested for rape in Japan + Some facts about refugee applicants in Japan
    If you follow Japan-related news social media, chances are you’ve come across the news story about 2 Turkish nationals who were arrested for sexually assaulting and robbing a Japanese woman in Tokyo. Tokyo Reporter has been able to get huge traffic by using its headline to play up the fact that the alleged rapists were […]

  • Russian political cartoon: Putin & the slant-eyed Japanese
    A Russian-speaking friend let me know about the following political cartoon by Sergey Elkin, which has appeared on the popular news site President Vladimir Putin is shown trying to grab Crimea, while off to the side a couple racial caricatures of Japanese people are standing by the Kuril Islands (known as the “Northern Territories” […]

  • Lone counter-protester disrupts pro-Sea Shepherd demonstration in London
    On Friday, animal rights activists in Britain organized a “Taiji Action Day” demonstration in front of the Japanese embassy in London. Carrying Sea Shepherd banners and signs that said stuff like “Shame on Japan,” they marched around and called for an end to dolphin hunting and the use of dolphins in aquariums. Small protests like […]

  • Hundreds of copies of Anne Frank diaries vandalized around Tokyo / Western journalists imply connection to Shinzo Abe
    During World War II, Japan was an ally of Nazi Germany, a antisemitic state that carried out genocidal policies against the Jews of Europe. Foreign Minister Matsuoka Yosuke of Japan (pictured aboe with Adolf Hitler), one of the chief advocates of the alliance, was clear about Japan’s position on Jewish people: “I am the man […]

Friday, 02 June 2023